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CMT is your local DNA testing experts, specializing in Legally-Admissible Test Results. All DNA test are performed by our DNA testing laboratory partner, accredited by the American association of blood banks ("AABB"). 

Forensic DNA Testing 

 Forensic DNA Testing is commonly used in situations such as: 

  •   Infidelity, including semen detection
  •   Identifying human remains
  •   Comparing blood, urine or other biological samples
  •   Fraud investigations

 Why Use CMT

  • No appointment Needed
  • AABB Certified
  • Accurate Results  
  • Results in 72hrs
  • Certified Legal Collector
  • 0ver 5,000 Collection Sites
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Home & Hospital Collections

Additional DNA Services

  • Heir Testing (used for inheritance)
  • Postmortem on-site collections
  • Infidelity Testing (semen Detection)
  • Grandparentage (Father is Absent)
  • Sibling Relationship

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Prenatal Paternity Test

Requires a simple blood collection from the mother and alleged father.

(The child's DNA is found naturally in the mother's Blood)

Can be performed any time starting in the 9th week of pregnancy.

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The Collection Process:

Collection is painless and only takes a minute. No Blood is Collected, rather a Q-Tip like swab is gently stroked across the inside of your check.

Because Your Child Deserves To Know.

Only $250

Legal Tests are necessary for situations such as:

  • Adding or Removing the Father's Name from a Birth Certificate
  • Seeking social security or military benefits
  • Adopting a child
  • Settling inheritance issues

Legal DNA Paternity Testing

Legal Trio


Father, Child &

 Mother if Desired.


Affordable Answers To Important Questions.

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